Challenges Faced

Challenges we face

  • Dormitories to accommodate the big number of children
  • Expansion of classrooms to avoid the current congestion
  • Dining hall construction to avoid having meals under trees
  • Sponsorship program for the orphaned children at the Centre
  • Latrines construction
  • Staff allowances to boost the working situation of non and teaching staff
  • Staff accommodation to avoid long distances travelled coming to the Centre
  • Kitchen construction and energy saving cooking stoves
  • Income Generating Activities like the maize mill for the Centre’s sustainability
  • Library construction and sickbay
  • Vocational/technical workshop construction since this is to date carried out in the tree shelter roofed by the canvas sheet
  • Construction of a tailoring room for tailoring department especially for girls
  • Provision of a standby generator for power supply during the critical time of load shedding
  • Provision of water catchment facilities for water trapping when it rains along
  • Transport facility for transporting the children from distant areas to the Centre
  • Provision of scholastic materials and text books
  • Provision of furniture/desks for the good conducive learning environment
  • Construction of the computer lab and computers for computer knowledge skills