Hope Children’s Centre Ministry further carry out christian activities to encourage these vulnerable and orphaned children become fishers of men in the sea of the lost souls with HOPE of their savior through moral, social , physical and spiritual support which is done by providing them with bibles and christian booklets in the search for the Lord (Matthew 19:14)

Other activities include of the out reach programs include; door to door preaching,visiting the sick/ vulnerable groups of people by caring and sharing, distributing bibles, organizing christian competitions and offering social services to marginalized communities which include simple income generating activities to families infected and affected by the AIDS/HIV on addition to promotion of water, sanitation and hygiene.

Hope Children’s Centre Ministry anticipate to start OPERATION BIBLE READING IN UGANDA as a priority, Children Sponsorship Program and the general fund raising campaign to accomplish our obligation through Good Samaritans, Churches and organizations to support our initiative.

In Uganda, the harvest is great but the workers are still very few so more workers are needed for the field (Matthew 9 : 37-38)

‘Blessed is he that considereth the poor, the LORD will deliver him in time of trouble’ Psalm 41

” Do good, Seek Justice, Help the Oppressed, Defend the Orphan Plead for the widow” Isaiah 1:17

Next steps are for everyone. We are all on a journey to become more like JESUS CHRIST- the loving God, loving people and building Hope Children’s Centre together AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!