Volunteering costs at Hope Children’s Centre for one person.

One week

Two weeks

One month

USD 195 

USD 370 

USD 680

GBP 120

GBP 228 

GBP 419

EURO 138

EURO 261 

EURO 480

Volunteering costs at Hope Children™s Centre of each person in a couple or a group

One Week

Two Weeks 

One Month

USD 180

USD 355 

USD 645

GBP 111

GBP 219 

GBP 398

EURO 127

EURO 251

EURO 456

This fee includes
Accommodation while at the centre and all meals transport to and from Entebbe Airport, Certificate for volunteer service, and transport to adventuring points/places (safaris) and evening outings to recreation centers with the help of the programs coordinator.

Volunteering costs at Hope Childrens Centre and in the Community
Hope Childrens Centre welcomes both local and international volunteers to volunteer at the centre and in rural communities as educators/teachers (trainers in different skills) and councilors.

Activities at Hope Childrens Centre and in Community Education
Hope Childrens Centre offers formal and vocational education to vulnerable children lessons like English, mathematics, science, geography, SST are taught as per the government schools curriculum, the co-curricular activities include football, netball, volley ball, music/drama, sports etc.

The vocational/technical education includes tailoring, carpentry, brick making and computer training.

The activity you will undertake will be to your choice or to your need.

Families Outreach and Projects
This activity involves initiation of income generating activities in the families and general community work which include spring well protection and general improvement on water, hygiene sanitation and promotion of sustainable agriculture, this activity is carried out together with our partner organization Voluntary Action for Development (VAD) with this you will be involved in the construction work of the facilities and in the hygiene and sanitation improvement in schools and communities/promotion and general counseling.

Adventuring at Lake Mburo National Park
Lake Mburo National Park is located on the western part of Uganda in Mbarara district a 4hours drive from Hope Childrens Centre. Lake Mburo National park is special as it has a very special alive environment and very attractive for tourists.

It has several types of animals which include; Antelopes, Zebras, Impala, Buffaloes, Monkeys and a variety of different bird species which are very interesting to watch which can’t be found anywhere else in Uganda.

Lake Mburo with sculptured landscape with rolling grassy hills and idyllic lake shore has a varied mosaic of habitat forest galleries , seasonal and permanent swamps and rich acacia wood valleys which all support  a wealth of wildlife you will enjoy to see more of these attractions.
You will have to see over 300 different bird species you will enjoy walking in Rubanga forest which is a very attractive place for bird watchers with over 40 bird species.

You will enjoy the boating to see a diversity of animals and plant species which can be viewed when in lake like hippos, crocodiles and birds.

You can go fishing on Lake Mburo as there are 6 types of fish the common fish being tilapia, mud fish, haplochromes, Lung fish etc

Accommodation facilities are available at Rwonyo park headquarters and Hope Children’s Centre will provide you with tents in case of camping and again luxury accommodation is provided at Mihingo Lodge and Mantana luxury tented camp.

Other attractions include;

  1. A visit to Bujagali falls in the Eastern Uganda and white water rafting facilities and bungee jumping by ADRIFT UGANDA
  2. A visit to the source of River Nile in Jinja Eastern Uganda

Volunteer at Hope Childrens Centre and Adventure the Pearl of Africa!